Pillar as The Point of Building Architecture Strenght

In architectural design, also called mast pillar serves as a support or the support strength of the structure of a building. Many of the materials used for the manufacture of the pillars of materials ranging from wood, metal and concrete columns, there is a round shape and also there is a box. The use of elements of the pillars has existed since ancient times, in Indonesia the use of the pillars can be found in traditional house like a Java Joglo houses, houses Tower in Sumatra, Borneo Longhouse house, gate house Bentar temple in Bali and others. Generally, the materials used for the manufacture of the pillars at the custom house is of the highest quality wood which has the strength and durability of the old, wooden pillars material is commonly adorned with carved accents. continue reading

The Dome Beautification as a Point of Building Glory

19The dome is part of the architectural design is located on top of a building and can serve as a roof. The dome is round, there is a round conical and spherical oblate like a piece of the ball. The use of elements of the dome in the architectural design of the building has always been used, in Indonesia, the dome has been known since the days of empire as seen at Borobudur stupa shaped like a dome. At this time almost all mosque building in Indonesia wearing dome element in the architectural design, as well as mosques in the Arab countries. At the mosque dome placement lies in the middle of the building structure that serves as the main roof. Many also have a small domed mosque on every corner of the building as a counterweight to the main dome. The dome can be described as a symbol of grandeur, and the greater the higher the dome shape, then the direct appearance of the building as a whole will look more stately and handsome. continue reading

Architrave as a Beautification Point

Basicly architrave meaning is a profile shape or ornament  made from  a bar  to frame a door or window frame such as figure which frames an image or picture. Architrave is an accesories part for decorating a building appereance. Main function of architrave  is to beautify door or window style and appereance entirely, a building appereance and shape  looks more interesting. For a house, architrave instalation  can be done at out side of door or window frame or inside to make a connection between space such as room door, kitchen door, and connected door  to other doors. As accesories, architrave using will add some special interesting effects for appereance of building either classic architecture building or minimalist. continue reading

Tehnik Pengecatan Wash Yang Artistik

Dalam pekerjaan bangunan atau rumah tinggal, pengecatan merupakan pekerjaan tahap akhir atau finishing. Pekerjaan pengecatan ini meliputi seluruh bangunan atau rumah tinggal seperti dinding eksterior, dinding interior dan plafon atau langit langit. Dengan dilakukan pengecatan, bangunan atau rumah tinggal akan nampak lebih cantik dengan warna warna yang disesuaikan dengan gaya bangunan dan selera penghuni. lanjutkan membaca

Pagar Hias Dan Pintu Gerbang Klasik Yang Artistik

Pilar Gapura EksteriorDalam suatu konstruksi bangunan rumah tinggal, pagar yang terletak di depan bangunan yang berbatasan langsung dengan jalan atau saluran air di sebut pagar hias. Untuk rumah tinggal mewah yang berukuran besar, pembuatan pagar hias disertai dengan pembuatan pintu gerbang yang menyatu dengan gapura. Selain sebagai hiasan untuk mempercantik tampilan bangunan, pagar hias dan pintu gerbang  juga berfungsi sebagai batas ukuran tanah atau batas sempadan yang sesuai dengan ukuran yang tertera di sertifikat. Dan yang paling penting, fungsi pagar hias dan pintu gerbang adalah sebagai sarana keamanan dari pihak pihak yang tidak bertanggung jawab agar tidak mudah masuk ke dalam bangunan induk. lanjutkan membaca