Plafond Understanding and Function

Plafon Minimalis Berpola Lengkung dan Trap ( Desain Dari Customer )Plafond is a part of  interior design in every room. Plafond or roof is a part of building construction as a distance between building floor with roof frames. Plafond is also as a distance of room elevation in a building . There is a lot of usages and functions of plafond for the building.

Plafond function :

  1. To beautify view in designed appropriate room with kind or room function or building type according to owner desire in order to be more comfortable to live.
  2. As the heat holder from roof in order that heat doesn’t drop into room below directly.
  3. To dim rain water drops above the room ,especially on roof cover made from zinc metal or aluminium materials.
  4. To cover up workless in building construction.
  5. To cover up mechanical engineering in the hotel, mall, etc.

Height and lowness of plafond is appropriate with kind of room, such as living room made not too high in order to gives more familiar impression or more intimate between owner of the house and guess. The main point of plafond setting is safety for the dwellers where we have to consider material kinds and setting manner in order to be stronger and not collapse easily.

As fast as technology progress in building sector, so kind of material models grows faster for plafond setting. If the most of plafond frames used wood materials and plywood cover or eternit formerly, but now there is a lot of chosen materials for plafond working.

Material selection for plafond frame and cover :

  1. Hollow iron
  2. Metal furring
  3. Cover of gypsum board
  4. Cover of panel sheet
  5. GRC cover
  6. Gypsum profile
  7. Shadow line foe sweet decoration on the wall (water rope)

For  frame work of plafond is made from hollow and metal furring usually adjust with room shape and kind of building cover. Frame work of plafond below cast plate is for two floor building or more. Hanger of frame is connected by concrete uses system of shot nail. Frame work of plafond connects with roof directly. Hanger of frame is connected by frame roof of wood or galvalum and uses nail.

Model of plafond work also experience a progress more, begins from classic model or minimalist. Plafond work classic model makes artistic side as the main priority which is very valuable adjusted with building construction, usually interior design of front classic building also follows classic model. Classic plafond makes flat design as the main priority and trap (drop) makes carved on profile list as the priority with ornament additions. It is not little bit who uses dome model or design. For dome design is adjusted with height or lowness of a room. Usually, dome design is applied to voide area for 2 floor building or more. usually for finishing of classic plafond uses special paint effect for more classic artistic, and only one who has desire and art soul that applies classic plafond design to his or her house.

Classic Plafond Design

Minimalist Plafond Design







For minimalist plafond is a familiar plafond which is applied very much to modern minimalist building. It is usually applied by house developer which is appropriate with standard of art they use. Hotel, mall, or store also applies minimalist plafond to the interior design. It only uses flat design with little addition without uses profile list, but only uses shadow line (water rope) for sweet decoration edge of plafond among wall with ordinary or simple transparent paint finishing and combination of plafond to be little minimalist classic. All depend on desire of each person.

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