Architrave as a Beautification Point

Basicly architrave meaning is a profile shape or ornament  made from  a bar  to frame a door or window frame such as figure which frames an image or picture. Architrave is an accesories part for decorating a building appereance. Main function of architrave  is to beautify door or window style and appereance entirely, a building appereance and shape  looks more interesting. For a house, architrave instalation  can be done at out side of door or window frame or inside to make a connection between space such as room door, kitchen door, and connected door  to other doors. As accesories, architrave using will add some special interesting effects for appereance of building either classic architecture building or minimalist.

Used material to make an architrave and seen very much at some marketings is made from wood and Glassfibre Reinforced Cement ( GRC ) which the manner of instalation is stuck on wall with adhesive or glue or screw. Architrave made from wood usually is used on a minimalist architecture building and has plain profile shape. Architrave made from Glassfibre Reinforced Cement ( GRC )  has various profile shapes, motives, patterns, begin from plain architecture which has a plot until carved motive that  usually is used on classic architecture building and also minimalist building.

In its development, architrave is not also frames or beautifies door or window frame appereance, but also exterior appereance of a building, the instalation of  architrave as additional  accesories for other building accesories balancer so that it looks more harmonious or matching. In  a part of space or house interior, the instalation of architrave can  be done at living room wall, family room wall, bedroom wall, or dining room wall it depends on need and decoration of space or room. Architrave can be a frame with its size is larger that frame a figure fullfilled by a photo or image or picture and it’s placed in architrrave, so it looks like frame in frame.

Architrave For Classic Architecture

For a house has classic architecture, need of architrave usage is something very needed. Because it has been a special character. It must be every building has classic architecture will apply architrave using in every concept and design. Architrave using in classic architecture building or house is very important from the beautification that its exsisting will make stronger the style of classic architecture. The material that is used in classic home building  is made from Glassfibre Reinforced Cement ( GRC ) that optimize profile shape, motive, carved pattern.

In general the exterior of  house has a classic architectur, architective desaign of GRC on the frames with addition of building accesories that also made from  GRC, such as carved ornament, unique ornament, etc. It is not so far from architective for exterior, architective for interior also uses a material from carved GRC to frames a frame of door or wall with addition of carved ornament so that  room view more interesting and has a great architecture value. For wall architective can be given with carved pettern ornament, small statue or maybe it can be placed  kind of stuck lamp on the architrave.

The architrave aplication on the wall of classic house has a purpose to adjust and connect so that classic value can be one between exterior view and interior view. In globally design aplication of architrave on the classic house is a merging of beautification symbol and luxury.

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