How to Make a Gypsum Mold With Silicone Rubber ( Video )

Talking about gypsum materials, a lot of products that can be produced from gypsum materials and the most commonly found in the market is the procurement of gypsum for home or building decoration, in this case related to interior decoration such as ceiling of the house. And not a few gypsum materials are in production for handicrafts or artwork. Why gypsum? because the gypsum material is easily shaped as needed and the price is affordable for the middle class down. For gypsum used for home decor, many types and shapes of profiles can be made by gypsum materials, such as plain profile, flower or carving, korbel, crown pillar, and ornament profile.

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Cara Mencetak List Profil Gypsum Memakai Matras Resin ( Video )

Material list profil berbahan gypsum merupakan bagian dari material bangunan yang berfungsi untuk memperindah dan mempercantik langit langit atau plafon ruangan. Saat ini dipasaran banyak pilihan list profil gypsum mulai motif polosan hingga motif ukiran. Untuk pilihan motif, sebaiknya disesuaikan dengan bentuk rumah atau bangunan, pada umumnya untuk bentuk rumah minimalis dan bergaya modern, memakai list profil gypsum bermotif polosan. Dan apabila bentuk rumah bergaya klasik, bisa menggunakan list profil gypsum motif ukiran. Ukuran panjang dan lebar dari list profil gypsum pun juga bermacam macam mulai dari ukuran lebar 1cm hingga 50cm dan ukuran panjang 1m hingga ukuran 3m atau lebih juga banyak tersedia di pasaran. Saat ini sudah banyak penyedia jasa pemasangan list profil gypsum yang memiliki berbagai macam motif list profil gypsum dengan harga yang bervariasi. lanjutkan membaca

The Dome Beautification as a Point of Building Glory

19The dome is part of the architectural design is located on top of a building and can serve as a roof. The dome is round, there is a round conical and spherical oblate like a piece of the ball. The use of elements of the dome in the architectural design of the building has always been used, in Indonesia, the dome has been known since the days of empire as seen at Borobudur stupa shaped like a dome. At this time almost all mosque building in Indonesia wearing dome element in the architectural design, as well as mosques in the Arab countries. At the mosque dome placement lies in the middle of the building structure that serves as the main roof. Many also have a small domed mosque on every corner of the building as a counterweight to the main dome. The dome can be described as a symbol of grandeur, and the greater the higher the dome shape, then the direct appearance of the building as a whole will look more stately and handsome. continue reading

The Circle Carved Dome Classic Plafond

The circle carved dome classic plafond is an interior design for classic plafond which gives priority to ornament carved design. The design application of circle carved dome classic plafond can give a beautiful artistic impression for every room. The circle carved dome classic plafond is better if that is paired or set by some combinations of drop stage plafond or drop hanged plafond. continue reading