VIDEO Tutorial Cara Membuat Cetakan Gypsum Bahan Silicone Rubber

Berikut video tutorial cara membuat cetakan gypsum dari bahan Silicone Rubber. Cara membuatnya sangat mudah dan praktis asalkan tahu tata caranya dan yang terpenting harus ada master yang akan di buat cetakan. Bahannya pun sangat mudah didapatkan.

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How to Make a Gypsum Mold With Silicone Rubber ( Video )

Talking about gypsum materials, a lot of products that can be produced from gypsum materials and the most commonly found in the market is the procurement of gypsum for home or building decoration, in this case related to interior decoration such as ceiling of the house. And not a few gypsum materials are in production for handicrafts or artwork. Why gypsum? because the gypsum material is easily shaped as needed and the price is affordable for the middle class down. For gypsum used for home decor, many types and shapes of profiles can be made by gypsum materials, such as plain profile, flower or carving, korbel, crown pillar, and ornament profile.

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